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Green Mountain Boys

Palmer, Alaska

Looking for a Boy Scout Troop to join in Palmer?  Click on "Contact Our Troop" at the top of the page and send us a message! 

General Information about our Troop

Please contact us to coordinate a specific date for a visit with our troop based on what we have scheduled at the upcoming meetings.Usually the troop likes to be able to plan some activities for the visitingscout to participate in and also give them opportunities to get to know ourother scouts while the visiting parent(s) have time to ask questions of ouradult leadership and other scout parents. 

In the meantime, this is the standard info we provide toanyone expressing interest in visiting our troop.

 Our Troop is known as the Green Mountain Boys Troop andwe meet weekly on Tuesdaynights, 7pm, at Valley church of Christ (our chartering organization)which is on the frontageroad (Blue Lupine) along the Parks Highway heading north (towards Wasilla fromthe Glenn/Parks interchange) and just past the Trunk Road exit.The church is currently transitioning to their new home and the buildingon Blue Lupine has been sold but the new owners have graciously allowed for usto continue using this space until construction of the new church is completefor us to meet in.  Because of this we would ask that you please be sure tocoordinate with us prior to your visit so we can be sure to provide you withthe most current information on our meeting place for that date. 

We camp out about once a month, year-round, in additionto weekly meetings and other activities.  Activities include canoeing,snowshoeing, winter survival training, rock-wall climbing and overnighters,firearms shooting/training, conducting flag ceremonies for local organizations,participating in service projects for various people/organizations, and joiningin various community activities (cabbage wrangling for the State Fair, parades,Scouting for Food, National Guard sponsored charity events, Special Santa) andlots of fun. We are a smaller troop (20 - 25 boys at any time) andenjoy/welcome/strongly encourage parent participation. 

Our scouts attend Colony Middle School, Colony HighSchool, Palmer Middle School, Palmer High School, Wasilla Middle School, WasillaHigh School, Mat-Su Career & Technical High School, and various charterschools, as well as some homeschoolers, so we have a good mix of boys.  Weare most definitely a “boy-run troop” as we encourage our boys to grow andmature in the program we offer. Our scouts range in age from 11 to 17.We’re happy to say that we also have some of our scouts who have reached 18 (orwill in the next  2 – 3 months) that participate in meetings as events aswell. 

We also take pride in the fact that our Troop conductsyearly Camporees for up to 150 Webelos in our district.  In the past wehave done the complete camporee, conducted workshops for the Webelos, and hadthem camp out overnight with the troop.  Also included is a flagretirement (burning ceremony) that is worked with the local American Legion inPalmer.  Our scouts guide the visiting Webelos (4th and 5th grade CubScouts) though various skills stations such as lashing, field first aid, firebuilding, log building, history, tomahawk throwing, etc. 

Thanks for contacting us and we hope to see you and yourscout soon!